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Miss Karra

Mrs.Karra Daycare

The children I have had the honour of teaching call me Miss Karra and I am very excited about having the privilege of being one of your child's first teacher's. I have had an amazing journey teaching preschool, early literacy programs and volunteering extensively in Kindergarten classrooms throughout different schools and organizations in Abbotsford. All of the children and families I have met along the way have truly been a blessing to me. I have also been blessed with four amazing sons and an incredibly loving & supportive husband, and I am honoured to be their Mom and wife. I have a passion for making a difference in children's lives and I look forward to an amazing journey full of enriched learning experiences and new adventures with my childcare class this coming year!

Mrs.Karra and her family Daycare

We believe

  • It is important to create a program that enhances a child's positive self image, a sense of self worth and self-direction.
  • To recognize every child as being "unique", valuing their emerging ideas and individual efforts, along with their need to learn, explore and discover at their own pace.
  • To provide appropriate learning experiences through play and the integration of arts through a balance of teacher directed and self-directed activities.
  • To foster responsibility, respect, empathy, love and care for each-other and our environment
  • To value the diversity of the community we serve and maintain open communication and understanding with the families in our Abbotsford community
  • To love eachother as ourselves and be thankful for all of God's creations.
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